Writing and Awesomeness


I somehow stumbled onto Jeff Goins Writer via someone else (a tweet, a post, who knows… sorry, I’ll never be able to track it back and give credit…)  The post that caught my attention was actually written by a guest author, Nick Thacker.  (Three Signs you’ve Found Your True Passion… I believe I have by the way… especially #2.)

After reading the above post, I started to peruse the other posts and investigate the blog.  Jeff Goins offers advice and guidance to aspiring writers; “Regular Doses of Inspiration and Awesome.” As someone new to the blogging world, and slightly intimidated by allowing the world to peak into my thoughts, I was simultaneously excited, intrigued, and terrified by this find.  One of the next posts that I read was “Five Weak Words that Make your Writing Less Effective.” I was a little freaked out.  Who know how many I had already used?  I’d read only one post and I already felt so inadequate.  A quick scan of some of the other posts and I knew had come across a valuable resource.

Needless to say I will be following this blog.  Although this blog appears to be written for “writers,” as teachers, our goal is to cultivate writing in our classroom.  I can’t help but think that just by ingesting some of his inspiration and awesome we can help our students develop into skillful writers as well.

What do you think?

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