Faculty Field Trip to Randyland


A Visit to Randyland from M E Shenefiel on Vimeo.

There are hidden treasures everywhere!  I learned about Randyland through a tweet from @MrSchuReads (and posted about it here.)  When I told Deb about it, she immediately suggested that we go.  Today we visited Randyland in the Mexican War Streets section of the North Side of Pittsburgh. It’s mesmerizing!

colors and dots and swirls

and lines and colors and flowers

and signs and colors and chairs

and doors

and colors and music and words and colors

and dance and plants



There are just so many details, and there is such inspiration, and it just makes you feel so happy!  It’s like looking through a kaleidoscope with both eyes open.

After spending some time marveling, and giggling (and taking loads of pictures) we headed down about two blocks to the Mattress Factory Museum.  The museum is between installations so there weren’t a lot of pieces to see.  As it turned “not a lot” was just the right amount.  I had never been to the Mattress Factory before and have never experienced anything like it.  Suffice it to say that you’ll have to go an visit in person.  (Who knew there could be spoilers with artwork?)

The big take away though was the idea of faculty field trips.  Standing in the midst of all of that creativity and commitment you become excited about the possibilities.  My mind was racing with ideas for lessons, and displays, and collaboration.

I need more.  Pittsburgh is brimming with these hidden and not-so-hidden treasures.  Get ready EHUE.  We have a plan…

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